02 Jul 2016

Epoxy Coated Rebar ranging in diameter from 8mm to 40mm Length: 12 Meter

01 Jun 2016

At Q-Coat, we are totally committed to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality in every area of our operations.

24 May 2016

Engineers and Researchers have found that fusion bonded epoxy coating is the practical and scientific way for protecting steel reinforcement against corrosion

02 Apr 2016

26 May 2014

With the aim of promoting the usage of epoxy coated rebar in Qatar and GCC environment, a technical seminar was held by Qatar Metal Coating Company on 26/05/2014 at Grand Hyatt, Doha. The seminar was about the protection of concrete structures against corrosion by using epoxy coated rebar, as a time tested solution for concrete corrosion, due to tough climate conditions in the Arabian Gulf. Researchers from USA, KSA were invited. They spoke about their experiences and the results of the studies they conducted about using epoxy coated rebar, and they presented papers on the corrosion of steel in concrete, and how to protect it by using epoxy-coated reinforcing steel, being the most commonly used corrosion protection system in the GCC countries and in North America. The seminar also dealt with all technical queries about the product. Dr.David McDonald, Managing Director of the US-based Epoxy Interest Group of CRSI, during Read more…

28 May 2013

Q-Coat participated in the Qatar SME 2013 held at QNCC

30 Oct 2007

Mr. Ali Muraikhi (Director & General Manager, Q-Coat) addressing the press people Q-Coat Product Display Stand showcasing different shapes of rebar used in construction Mr. Ali Muraikhi (Director & General Manager, Q-Coat) addressing the audience